Video Documentation

User experience of my project.
I'm proud to see my work shows an interesting feedback from my peers and visitors.
People around are keen to try to interact with the setting and that 's a good sign.
I wished I was provided with a closed and quieter space, the sound would rather be better without distractions from other projects displayed in the same room.

some would be confused about the video.
let me explain or u could read the previous blog posts content.
do you see the tiny black cross stick to the floor?
THAT is the hot spots for audience to trigger the sound of the videos according to where they're standing.
It should have the sound of the videos you see in the pails of different footages.
There are hidden sensors at each pail which detects motion and it triggers the sound of the video in the pail.
e.g. water dripping video : triggers water dripping sound.
When more sensors are trigger, it forms a mixture of different water sound.
That 's the whole concept of 'Water Symphony' .
an experience of sound mixing with water sound samples.
whoever got the tempo and beat, you might have composed some unique melody out of it.


the setting of my project.
Bucket used: all the old ones. some might be as old as 40 or 50 years old.
These buckets are old and they still remain in good condition. just like the old days, people need to fetch water from the well when the water supply system has not been any advance like what we are enjoying now. also the function and usefulness of the buckets when we talk about water in our daily lives.

the sensors are attached to each buckets. from the image you could see that actually the sensors are wrapped with a cone shape white paper. I did that to limit the range of the sensor to a specific spot on the ground so that users knows the active zone of the sensor.
I need to do that to prevent confusion for audience.


Drips the miracle

Why the title?
just thought that every drop is special.
It could mean so much.
different sound, pitch, volume, etc. it forms a simple melody.

The drippings from mlngjle on Vimeo.

the more volume it comes out from the pipe, u see bubbles on the water surface.
when u allow more water out, the sound deepens. and less bubbles.

Isn't it beautiful?


the Fall

Presents you the Waterfall!!!

Waterfalls from mlngjle on Vimeo.

Do you remember how refresh you feel after playing at the waterfall?
the water from the waterfall has natural energy, makes us energized and refreshed.
now i missing them!
p.s: location: Kanching Falls & on the way up to Cameron Highlands (forgot to remark its name).


Rain drops falling

Next is the Rain.
I realized from the shooting that rain could be so beautiful.
Let's appreciate downpour!
We're being lucky for we could enjoy the rain as much as we can while some other countries facing draught all year long.

Rain from mlngjle on Vimeo.


the Sea

Hi! I'm back with the videos!

This first one would be the waves.

Waves from mlngjle on Vimeo.

The waves at this period is rather calm. no strong waves at the west coast of the Peninsular. However, the sound of this small waves creates peaceful rhythm, soothes your mind and soul.



anyone wants to know how to set it up.
it's here.